In this day and age, people are living to die and working just to survive. More than 11 million South Africans are over indebted, that’s over 22% of the South African population. Now, the reason for such a high number is attributed to all the unnecessary debts we incur on a monthly basis. In this article I will share with you some of the tried and tested methods and mechanisms that can assist you in your “debt-free” journey. Stay in your lane! Be realistic, stay within your limits. If your expenses are exceeding your income/ s then that is a clear indicator that you areRead More →

Types Of Business Loans A loan that is offered to businessmen, individuals, firms, or organizations for specific business purposes. It helps the borrower to start or invest in a new business and expand its business. Some companies take business loans to improve their services and to gain the financial assistance that they need. The companies apply for the business loan to pay the expenses that they were unable to pay. Some new companies take this loan to pay the salaries and wages of their employees until the new company generates profit. Like other loans, the business loan is a debt that needs to be pay-backRead More →

home loan

Home loan The loan that is borrowed from a financial institution or an individual to purchase a new house, to renovate the existing house, to purchase a piece of land, or to construct a new house. Home loans consist of fixed or variable interest rates and payment terms. Home loan is a type of secured loan. Home loan is offered against the security of a property or house on which the financial institution is providing funds. The property could be a commercial one or personal one. That’s why a home loan is also referred as a mortgage loan. If a person wants to take aRead More →

spending and saving

Ways To Save Money Record expenses The first and important step in saving is to know how much you spends. A person who doesn’t know how much he spends cannot save even a single penny. Keep a record of everything how much you spends and on which thing you spends for one month. That means food, clothing, fuel, luxuries, etc. Everyone keeps a record of their major expenses but you should give attention to your minor expenses. This requires a serious attention while recording your expenses. Tips for recording expenses: Keep a notebook with you all the time. Record each and every expense in thatRead More →

Saving Money One thing that numerous secondary schools today neglect to show students is money management. Examiners have demonstrated that numerous students move on from secondary school without knowing the nuts and bolts of saving money. A large number of these same students will quickly be sent a credit card after their graduation and as a result of this it is anything but difficult to see why such a variety of individuals today have issues with obligation and bad credit.   Television Some Bad Habits   The news and media are a part of the issue also. We live in a general public where individualsRead More →

Need A Payday Loan Have you ever been hit with an unexpected expense between pay days, with no extra money to cover them? An unexpected expense can be a medical bill, a car repair or other major repair bill or an emergency overseas or cross-country trip to a funeral. Most payday loan lenders are strict on credit vetting. You need to have a good credit score. Most of the payday lenders give you an instant answer on their website. You also need a job and earn atleast R2500 to qualify for a payday loan. You bank statement also must not have any debit orders thatRead More →

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In the event that your extravagant ways of managing money have procured you a terrible credit, dispose of it instantly. Decide on bad credit payday advances and get an answer for your money related crunch.   Bad credit payday advances are for the most part transient advances that are given to meet the earnest necessity of cash. These credits are intended to fill in the time crevice between two pay checks.   Bad credit payday advances take into account the cash prerequisites when you have an unforeseen car  or hospital expense, power charge, basic need bill or bill of a thing obtained from a deal.Read More →


Do You Really Need A Loan? Here is my feeling on loans.  Debt is a huge problem in south africa and the problem with this is South African’s find it hard to pay back because they would rather spend their money on the finer things in life. One needs to manage their money and cash flow before considering a loan. Debt is not a good feeling and should be avoided at all cost. Its always best to save. One should only take a loan only in dire straits and not to buy a luxury item. Think twice before taking a loan.Read More →

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Regardless of the possibility that you have been declined an advance somewhere else, you might be given the approval for one of our unfavorable credit advances from our top lender. We offer a wide assortment of items, credit sums and payment terms and our group of experts will do their best to locate the most suitable item for you with the least loan fee conceivable.   There are fundamentally two sorts of credits accessible, secured and unsecured advances. Secured advances are basically for property holders in light of the fact that the borrower utilizes their home as security or insurance against the advance. This isRead More →

Some planning  now can offer you some assistance with handling a characteristic debacle or other crisis.   Numerous South African’s have concentrated on a crisis. Not very many, in any case, consider money related crisis in their arrangements. From keeping a clearing box with critical reports to setting up a record with crisis reserves, get ready now can be the contrast between money related security and a financial emergency.   These basic tips financial emergency. Conduct a Household Inventory   Make a family unit list  for things of noteworthy and find firsts of critical budgetary and family archives. Store unique records in waterproof sacks inRead More →