In this day and age, people are living to die and working just to survive. More than 11 million South Africans are over indebted, that’s over 22% of the South African population. Now, the reason for such a high number is attributed to all the unnecessary debts we incur on a monthly basis. In this article I will share with you some of the tried and tested methods and mechanisms that can assist you in your “debt-free” journey. Stay in your lane! Be realistic, stay within your limits. If your expenses are exceeding your income/ s then that is a clear indicator that you areRead More →

spending and saving

Ways To Save Money Record expenses The first and important step in saving is to know how much you spends. A person who doesn’t know how much he spends cannot save even a single penny. Keep a record of everything how much you spends and on which thing you spends for one month. That means food, clothing, fuel, luxuries, etc. Everyone keeps a record of their major expenses but you should give attention to your minor expenses. This requires a serious attention while recording your expenses. Tips for recording expenses: Keep a notebook with you all the time. Record each and every expense in thatRead More →

Saving Money One thing that numerous secondary schools today neglect to show students is money management. Examiners have demonstrated that numerous students move on from secondary school without knowing the nuts and bolts of saving money. A large number of these same students will quickly be sent a credit card after their graduation and as a result of this it is anything but difficult to see why such a variety of individuals today have issues with obligation and bad credit.   Television Some Bad Habits   The news and media are a part of the issue also. We live in a general public where individualsRead More →

You know you should be sparing cash yet you never appear to have enough toward the end of the month or more regrettable, you are further paying off debtors. Living beneath your take home is progressively a matter of self-control. A couple of alterations here and there could be all it takes to have the fundamental assets accessible for sparing and contributing.   Some invetsments can be opened up for as low as R200 with least commitments around $R100.   Here’s a rundown of approaches to spare cash by spending less.   *Open up financial balances that have next to zero administration charges. Keep aRead More →